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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

Elderberry syrup is a great way to naturally boost your immune system. This syrup contains CBD oil that helps with pain relief (including nerve related pain) and relaxation. Willow bark acts a lot like aspirin, and is used for pain relief. Relieving symtptoms such as headache, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, and a disease of the spine called ankylosing spondylitis. Willow bark is also used for fever, the common cold and flu. This syrup is perfect for use when dealing with achy and painful cold or flu symptoms. Our new formula features white willow bark and peppermint infused in the syrup. White Willow Bark is known as nature's aspirin. It is a great headache reliever which makes it a perfect addition to this herbal remedy. Dried peppermint is commonly used to relieve clogged sinuses, headaches and migraines.

CBD Elderberry Cold Relief Syrup

    • Dried Elderberries
    • Cloves
    • Rose Hips
    • Dried Orange Peel
    • Lemon
    • Cinnamon
    • Dried Hibiscus Leaves
    • White Willow Bark
    • Dried Peppermint Leaves
    • Ginger
    • Agave
    • CBD Oil
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