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FIT BODY FEBRUARY IS IN FULL EFFECT! This daily workout calendar is perfect for beginners or those of you looking for extra fitness challenges. Complete 2 sets a day or 4! It's totally up to you! Download this easy to follow workout calendar to stay consistent with your fitness goals this month. Go at your own pace, stay consistent and see amazing results.


Workout Schedule- 




THURSDAY: Upper Body

FRIDAY: Glutes

SATURDAY: Yoga/Stretching

SUNDAY: Rest Day

Fit Body February - Daily Workout Calendar

    • Save or download the workout calendar to your computer or phone.
    • Stretch thoroughly before starting your daily workout.
    • Start with 2 sets and increase the number of sets every week to see the best results. Take a 40-60 sec break between each set.
    • These workouts are beginner friendly and can be incorporated with other workouts, as well.
    • Keep track of your monthly progress and goals.
  • Files will be automatically sent to the email you provide at checkout. Please ensure the email address is correctly typed. I am not responsible for any errors in your email address. If you incorrectly type in your email, you will need to re-purchase the calendar at your own expense.

    Please ensure you download the files within thirty (30) days of receiving your email. If the download expires before you download or save it, you must re-purchase.

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