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Unwind, relax and celebrate love with this plant-based Valentine's Box. This box is crafted with all of the right essentials for a Valentine's night to remember.

This kit comes with cloth rose petals, a rose clay face mask w/ two mask brushes, an aromatherapy massage oil candle with a honeycomb stir stick, matches, a CBD joint infused with dried rose buds, 'love spell' bath salt bundle, a date night jar and 2 bottles of champagne. 


Pop open these champagne bottles and spread the rose petals around your space to set the mood while enjoying your box with your lover. Our rose clay face mask is formulated to give you and your lover a chance to kick back and unwind while gently detoxifying your skin. Rose petal powder is a natural skin toner and it leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Two face mask brushes are included in the box. Our aromatherapy massage oil candle doubles as a candle and moisturizing massage oil. Simply light the candle and wait about 10 minutes. Gently pour oil into hands, rub together and go to work. This massage oil smells just like chocolate covered strawberries and is sure to leave you and your lover relaxed, less tense and smelling delicious. A bottle of eco-friendly matches is also included in your box. Our 'Love Spell' bath salts is a unique blend of salts and herbs that are the perfect addition to a relaxing bath. These bath salts are a blend of epsom, pink himalayan and dead sea salts. Dried rose buds and hibiscus flowers add a beautiful floral twist and leave your bath water a lovely light shade of pink. Our handmade "Date Night Jar" is the perfect intimate game to play with your lover. This jar is filled with fun and intriguing questions and dares that are sure to spark some fun and laughter throughout the night. Finish your night off with our rose "bud" CBD relaxation joint. This joint is infused with high quality CBD flower and rose buds to further relax your mind and body and prepare you and your babe for a relaxing night's sleep.


Indulge and celebrate love on this special day.



THE Valentine's Box

    • 2 Bottles of Champagne
    • Cloth Rose Petals
    • 'Love Spell' Bath Salts
    • Rose Clay Face Mask
    • 2 Mask Brushes
    • Date Night Jar 
    • Matches
    • Aromatherapy Massage Oil Candle
    • Rose "Bud" CBD Joint

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