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This  CBD herbal teething duo is a MUST HAVE for a teething baby. This duo includes a cold CBD herbal teething butter and a CBD herbal teething oil. The CBD herbal teething butter is made to be kept cold, in the fridge. The cooling effect from the cold butter, helps with pain, inflammation and swelling of the gums. The oil is for use anytime you are away from home and baby is in need of pain relief. The oil is perfect for daycare use, diaper bags, etc. The butter and oil contain the same ingredients and benefits. They are made with coconut oil (infused with chamomile, cloves and calendula), sunflower oil and carnuaba wax. Chamomile has been found to to soothe, reduce inflammation, promote sleep and boost your immune system. Cloves help to reduce inflammation and helps ease pain when applied directly to gums. Calendula is used to help with inflammation and pain. CBD oil helps with inflammation and pain associated with teething. This formula is a gentle, safe and effective pain relief for babies. No essential oils or sweeteners are used. All ingredients have been thoroughly researched and infant tested & approved.

Herbal Teething Butter & Teething Oil Duo Pack

    • Sunflower Oil
    • Herbal Coconut Oil (infused with cloves, chamomile & calendula)
    • CBD Oil
    • Carnuaba Wax