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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

Elevate your massages and self-care sessions for your little one with our genuine, healing Crystal Massage Stones. These massage stones can be used all together and placed on along the center of your child's back during meditation or one at a time with massage oil. These crystals are perfect for grounding emotions, practicing mediation or breathing techniques and relieving minor joint aches. 


These crystal massage stones come individually packaged and labeled, in an organic cotton bag. You will receive crystal at-home purification information, as well.

Crystal Massage Stones

    • 7 Authentic Crystal Massage Stones
    • Cotton Storage Bag
    • Info Cards
    • Amethyst
    • Sodalite
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Rose Quartz
    • Yellow Jade
    • Ruby
    • Red Jasper
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