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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

This luxurious and aestheically pleasing floral body oil is like no body oil you've ever had. Infused with Jasmine, geranium and lavender essential oils, this plant-based body oil will leave you feeling like a true goddess. Nothing artifical is used so this body oil is perfect for the face and body. Infused with beautiful dried pansies makes this body oil such a unique and visually appealing piece of art. The unique light bulb bottle is super easy to use and showcases your body oil in a beautiful way. Pamper yourself with this luxurious, one-of-a-kind body oil and indulge in your divine goddess energy. 

Floral Plant-Based Body & Facial Oil

    • Jojoba Oil
    • Castor Oil
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Apricot Oil
    • Jasmine EO
    • Lavender EO
    • Geranium EO
    • Vitamin E Oil
    • Dried Pansy Flowers
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