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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

Take your skin to the next level this summer with this skin illuminating, non-toxic vegan shimmer body oil. Infused with organic oils and natural mica shimmers, this body oil is your new liquid gold that will keep your skin glowing and soft all day. The natural shimmers settle into your skin to provide a beautiful shine without being heavy or greasy. This body oil has warm vanilla notes to compliment the luxurious glow.

"honey jar" vegan shimmer body oil

    • Start with clean, dry skin.
    • Ensure that the cap is sealed and on correctly (to close, align the notches with the grooves on the mouth opening on the bottle and firmly press down.)
    • Gently turn honey jar upside to mix everything together.
    • Place jar down and gently swirl honey comb wand in the body oil.
    • Apply directly on skin or on your hands and rub together.
    • Rub into skin until fully absorbed.
    • Wash hands after use.
    • Enjoy glowing.
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