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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

nos·tal·gia - a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.


The 90s/early 2000s was a unique time for beauty and fashion and it brings back positive feelings of nostalgia for me. I've put together a holisitic self-care kit with handmade, vegan products with an old school twist.


I swapped out plastic hair balls for Crystal Hair Balls (available in Taiwan Jade, Rose Quartz or Turquoise stones). I swapped out the watery, greasy cocoa butter lotion for a vegan Ultra Whipped Cocoa Butter body butter. I swapped out the glitter roll ons for natural shimmer body oil roll ons. I swapped out the roll on lipgloss, with a vegan Amethyst infused lip oil. I swapped out those toxic glitter sticks for a natural Cocoa Butter Shimmer Stick. Fun-colored, natural, flavored lip balms are also included in the kit, as well as some plant themed stickers for some added fun. 

Nostalgia Holistic Self-Care Kit

Out of Stock
    • 2 sets of Crystal Hair Balls (available in Taiwan Jade and Rose Quartz)
    • Amethyst Infused Lip Oil (lavender scented)
    • Ultra Whipped Cocoa Butter 
    • Cocoa Butter Shimmer Stick (Strawberry scent)
    • Vegan Shimmer Roll-On Body Oil ("Refresh" scent)
    • 2 Plant-Based Flavored Lip Balms (Rose Bomb & Cool Breeze)
    • Plant Stickers
    • Info Cards
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