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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

It's important to remember that our skin is our body's largest organ. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice smelling good. These "pure-fume" aromatherapy body mists are the perfect all natural alternative to perfume.  These body mists will leave you smelling scent-sational, without the drying or toxic ingredients.


These body mists are carefully infused with natural hydrosols and skin loving oils that are sure to leave your skin soft, supple and smelling devine. These body mists can be used right after the shower on bare skin or on the go, whenever you need a little pick-me-up.


**All body mists are colored with natural, plant-based ingredients from the Earth.

"Pure-fume" Body Mist

    • Body mists can be used on dry or damp skin.
    • Shake bottle before each use until ingredients are thoroughly combined.
    • Ensure clothing is not in the way and lightly mist on skin.
    • Rub body mist into skin or just leave as is.  n
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