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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

 End the day, giving your little one a relaxing, calming bath before bed. These floral bath salts contain herbs and essential oils designed to calm and soothe the skin while relieving feelings of anxiety and calming the nervous system. Lavender essential oil works to relieve anxiety and promote healthy sleep. Chamomile is also used to promote healthy sleep and alleviate anxiety. It also calms and soothes the skin which is perfect for little ones with sensitive skin or eczema. Blue tansy essential oil contains anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and skin-calming properties. Wild blue cornflower petals not only give these salts a beautiful, vibrant blue color, they also soothe irritated skin, as well. The added yarrow flowers help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The magnesium flakes help to relax muscles and relieve any minor aches or pains your little one may have. These bath salts are the perfect addition to bathtime. 

Sleepytime Floral Bath Salts for Kids

    • Epsom Salt
    • Pink Himalayan Salt
    • Dead Sea Salt
    • Magnesium Flakes
    • Blue Cornflower Petals
    • Dried Lavender 
    • Yarrow Flower
    • Dried Chamomile
    • Chamomile EO
    • Blue Tansy EO
    • Lavender EO
    • Clary Sage EO
    • Jojoba Oil
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