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Plant Based. All Natural. Black Owned.
Self care products created with your holistic health in mind.

A face routine that leaves your skin rejuvenated, moisturized and glowing. All of your vegan skin care staples, in one kit. Ditch those toxic, chemical-filled face products and switch to a plant-based skin routine. After all, our skin IS the largest organ on our body and what we choose to put on it, goes straight into our bloodstream. Use high quality products so that you can feel good inside and out.


 This skin care kit comes with all the plant-based essentials you need for healthy, soft and glowing skin. These products are designed to enhance your skin care routine from start to finish.

THE Plant-Based Skin Care Kit

$150.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
    • Aromatherapy Herbal Facial Steam
    • Exfoliating Clay Face Cleanser
    • Herbal Facial Toner
    • Plant-Based Facial Serum
    • Face Mask Kit (Includes 2  Vitamin E Oil capsules & 2 CBD Oil capsules)
  • Start off with giving your face a luxurious facial steam with one of our Aromatherapy Herbal Facial Steams to open pores and prepare skin. Steaming helps products penetrate even deeper into the skin.


    Next, cleanse skin with one of our Exfoliating Clay Cleansers.


    Rinse. Pat face dry and lightly mist with one of our Herbal Facial Toners.


    Allow skin to air dry slightly. Apply Facial Serum to skin and rub until fully absorbed.


    Use one of our Plant-Based Face Mask Kits provided once every few days to keep your complexion looking bright, even and clear.  

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