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Business Sample Card Template Designing

Allow me to design eye-catching, one-of-a-kind sample cards for your small business.

About This Service

Sample cards are a great way to offer product samples for your small business. They are unique, captivating and showcase your products in an eye-catching way. At a quick glance, product sample cards should draw your potential customer in. People shop with their eyes before anything else. I would love to design unique sample cards for your business to take your product sample game to a whole new level. Product sample cards can be used in your small business as a special offer, included in every order as a thank you or even used at pop-up shops. The possibilities are endless (and your sales will be too!) HOW IT WORKS: 1. Fill out the form below entirely with all relevant information regarding your product sample template(s). 2. Explore some of my pre-made templates or request a custom template! 3. Choose the date when you want me to make your template(s). NOTE: I will only begin working on it when invoice is paid. 4. After everything is complete, I will send out an invoice within 48 hours. (Your invoice will note when your template(s) should be ready.) 5. Once invoice is paid, I will begin working on your sample card(s). 6. After I am done, I will email you the final template within 72 hours after the invoice is paid.

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