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Plant-Based Meal Plans for Beginners

One-on-one consultations and customized vegan meal plans based on your specific dietary goals.

About This Service

Are you interested in incorporating more plant-based meals into your daily life and on your dinner table, but don't have the time to search for new recipes, learn the best techniques and figure out what's ACTUALLY delicious? I want to help! I am here to take all of the hard work out of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. We can easily become overwhelmed with life, kids, work, and day-to-day obligations. Planning healthy nutritious meals for ourselves or our families, often times, just seems like another chore. I will create a fully customized meal plan for you that will include delicious and nutritious recipes, weekly shopping lists, tips and everything else you'll need to achieve your nutritional and health goals. Pricing: - Weekly Meal Plan - $35 - Bi-Weekly Meal Plan - $55 - Monthly Meal Plan - $110 What's Included: - A phone consultation to discuss your personal health goals, dietary goals and needs. ($20/30 min) - A detailed intake form to determine what meal plan is best for you. - A fully customized meal plan that includes options for weekly (one week), biweekly (two weeks) and monthly (four weeks) meal plans. - Each daily meal plan will include the following: breakfast, lunch, two snacks, smoothie and dinner. - Complete shopping list for your meal plan. - Full recipes that are delicious and easy to follow. How it works: 1. Fill out intake form as thoroughly as possible. 2. Book a phone consultation to talk more in depth about your health goals and dietary needs. (RECOMMENDED) 3. After receiving your intake form, I will reach out via email, with any questions or concerns within 72 hours. 4. After receiving all relevant information, I will send an invoice via email. This invoice will include our phone consultation date and time (if applicable), and the cost of your customizable meal plan. All invoices MUST be paid within 24 hours of them being sent. (Invoice must be completely paid before phone consultation. If payment is not received before phone consultation or within 24 hours of being sent, your booking will be closed, and you will need to open a new one.) 5. If you did not choose a phone consultation, I will reach out to you via email, within 3 business days after intake form is received with any questions or concerns before completing your meal plan. *Meal plans will take 3-5 business days to complete depending on the size of the meal plan. This timeline starts once all information is received and consultations are complete.

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